About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is James Byrd  and i would like to welcome you to "my thinking place". God has blessed me richly. I am marred to the women of my dreams, Lea. I have been in network marketing going on 12 years and overall its been very successful and i am thankful. This picture is far beyond the house trailer that i started my life .

I have had my struggles in the network marketing industry as many times i searched for short cuts to success. I went for years being "self sufficient" imitating the gurus. Using the company's replicated websites and serving as a 90 day wonder hoping from one shiny object(opportunity) to another until i found out people join people not systems, tools or secrets. The key was that i had to be transformed in to a success before i could find success.

I can be a mentor for those who receive mentoring. I will be a good teammate. and encourage you in reaching your dream. I will be truthful but i will not do for you what you can do for yourself.Our attitude will be the key to great or no success. May God bless you

James B Byrd


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Skype ID: james.b.byrd

Emai: drjabyrd@gmail.com

Phone: 1+2695487961

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