James Byrd

Making Mistakes in Business and Surviving Them

One thing you may run across, in fact inevitably you will, is making a mistake. We all do from time to time. You may find yourself thinking that a larger business never would have made this mistake. While certainly possible, and there are things at which a larger company is simply better at, and there […]

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10 Ways to Own a Successful Home Business

When you own a home business that is profitable and successful, it is a wonderful thing. Many people, however, struggle to make this a reality. Below are 10 good tips to get your started on the road to home business success. 1. Do Research: Many people get enamored of the web-based business industry but fail to […]

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Communicate With Your Customers Effectively

In your quest to become the ‘biggest’ of small businesses, the way to success is banking on the things you, as a small business can offer that your larger competitors can’t touch. Rather than try to come off as a larger company than you are in reality, be honest. Tell customers about the special things […]

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Create Buzz and Get Your Site Noticed Today!

A well-laid out website with great sales copy is great. If you are the owner or webmasters of such a site, traffic just makes things better and better. If you have to choose between the two, which would you go with – great eye candy or a website that’s over run by visitors? Of course, […]

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Basics of Press Release Writing

Some people equate a press release to a bland announcement, some people think it is a communication meant to hype up things, some consider it as a mere formality – well, who says some people can’t be wrong all the time! A press release can boost traffic, create quality backlinks, generate customers and even engineer […]

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Web 2.0 Marketing Basics

If Web 1.0 was all about chatrooms, tacky banner exchanges and cute emoticons, Web 2.0 is all about social networking, interactivity and user-generated content. So which sites are the icons of Web 2.0? Well, social networking websites (FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.), social bookmarking sites (Digg, Del.icio.us, etc.) and, of course, the grand daddy of user-provided […]

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5 Small Business Customer Service Tips

As a small business, you are always looking for ways to set yourself apart from the larger players in your industry. The good news is that smaller businesses have the flexibility to do things their larger competitors could never accomplish. If you can play to your strengths, you stand to gain a loyal and growing […]

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Ebooks With Resale Rights – Understanding The Terms

ebooks are basically electronic books, most commonly in PDF format that you can download directly on to your computer. You can find a variety of these books ranging from fiction to business. It is an emerging new trend and many people are appreciating the fact that they are easily accessible. Once you download what is […]

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Build Web Traffic With a Good Press Release

One of the secrets of succeeding online is generating great traffic. That’s not just getting people to come to your site, but rather getting people who are good customer prospects to come out again and again. And a fantastic way to do this is to get some buzz generated in the right places. Companies have known […]

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What To Do When Starting a Home Business

Many people dream of starting a home based business – today, there is nothing stopping you but you. Anyone with a web connection, a plan, and the drive and talent to follow it through can be a successful entrepreneur. The hardest part is getting started. Here, in condensed form, are the things you need to do […]

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