How To Pay Your Mortgage By Blogging…

This is Empowering – Shalonda Gordon just paid her mortgage last month from blogging! leave me your thoughts on this – it works! “How To PAY YOUR MORTGAGE by Blogging… (video proof)”   Peace

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Blogging- What To Do When Your Blog Crashes Your Hosting Company’s Server…

Hey, I’ve been offline more then online because i have been having problems with my blog crashing my server providers servers. I really didn’t understand how easy it was for someone to hack your blog and with just a few clicks of the keyboard shut down your hosting server and hosting account. Below is what […]

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How To Use Blogging For Business

Blogs never became popular for many of us, especially the geeks, teens and outgoing people. They use it as a personal website can be updated at any time with anything under the sun. However, blogging has change the hearts of many as being more then just a way share favorite topics. Blogging for business is […]

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Easy Profit Tactics

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