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Leadership Wins Super Bowl Championships

              Leadership Wins Super Bowl Champion Ships Everyone was trying to figure out who and what would prevail. Would it be Tom Brady, Russel Wilson Pete Carrol or Mr. Blichick. I should have known that when you have to please all the players like the Seattle Sea hawks coach […]

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How To Build Your MLM Business On A Shoe String Budget

With such a bad economy in the US, many are joining an MLM business to help supplement their incomes. It’s so easy to get started that it blinds you to the harse reality of network marketing. It takes money to make money. Most new network marketers lack the first basic skill to earning money on […]

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Simple Home Business Opportunity-How To Build A Home Business Without Chasing Family And Friends!

A lot of natural, sober minded people sign up into a simple home business opportunity with the game plan of learning everything they possibly can about their company’s products or service. A few of them actually becoming good sales people. But the whole idea is a total waste of time. If you were going to […]

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Bean-Selling Rico and The Spider Web Marketing System

James Byrd here with a great story for you. This is not the story of how Rico, who sold beans at a roadside stand in Barstow, CA, rode to riches. But it is a good perspective at what Spider Web Marketing will do for you that no one else will. Besides being the easiest, most […]

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The Spider Web Marketing System Meets Albert Einstein

James Byrd here again with a interesting post… at least I think so 😉 Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I like to look at it as banging your head against a wall and expecting to make money for […]

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Getting Ahead With Customer Service

Being a small business owner can get more than a little bit intimidating at times. There are so many different things you have to be prepared to handle, or worse yet, handle without the benefit of preparation. One of these many aspects of running a small business effectively is customer service. How can you out […]

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Build The Reputation Of Your Small Business on Excellent Customer Service

If you are running a small business and just getting started you may at this point have a great product backed by a good support network, but to put the real icing on the cake and distinguish yourself from the rest you need to provide excellent customer service. Otherwise you will have a very tough […]

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4 Steps To Excellent Customer Support

When you are looking for a way to really shine and to make sure that you get a great reputation in your industry to boot, you’ll find that your customer service is something that can kick you up above the rest! When you are thinking about ways to improve, think about how you treat your […]

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Small Business Customer Service Etiquette

Whether you are just getting ready to start a small business or you find that you are picking up steam and the orders are coming in, you’ll find that with a little bit effort, you can easily top bigger businesses in the realm of customer service. When you think about it, it becomes obvious that […]

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Write Great Sales Copy in 10 Steps

When you embark on copywriting, it usually involves a product, person, service or concept that you want to deliver content about in a persuasive manner the reader feels compelled to read. If you are selling anything, or if you want your users to sign up for an opt-in email list, you’ll need to master some […]

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