Keywords- The Best Tactic To Use In Online Business

There are a number of different tactics that people use in their online businesses, but the one thing that unites all of these tactics are keywords. All successful online businesses today use keywords as a tactic. Keywords determine almost everything imaginable on the internet and that is exactly why keywords are the best tactic to use in the land of online internet marketing and home based business online.


The primary importance of keywords are their relationship to search engines. How many times have you been interested in researching a specific idea or fact and went searching online in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN? If you are like most people that have used the internet, the answer is quite often. Some people may exclusively search online encyclopaedias and other products but, at the same time most of the people will use search engines to explore the internet and this amounts to hundreds of millions of people conducting billions of searches each day.

The keywords that you use on your website are going to be the keywords that they put into the search engines. if you perform the keyword placement correctly, and which ultimately means that keywords are directly linked to search engine success and this is exactly why they are so important in the grand scheme of things.

Plan of Attack

Having a plan of attack for your keywords when you set up your website is always necessary. The best way to devise a plan of attack is to catalogue keywords directly related to the website that you are building. For example, a website on Slim-Fast would greatly benefit from keywords like “weight loss”, “diet” and “diet drink”. Once you have a list of very obvious keywords, your goal is then to run those keywords through keyword tools and figure out what people have been searching for in relation to those words and compile a list of keywords in this way. Then, come up with synonyms and search for the synonyms. It is a good idea to have at least 100 keywords for a website before you formulate your plan of attack. Going through this process will ensure that you probably end up with a lot more.

Search Engine Optimization

The core plan of attack has to focus on getting those keywords into places on your website where they will attract the interest of the search engines.The process of doing this is known as search engine optimization(SEO). Search engine optimization essentially means placing important keywords into the titles and sub-titles of the website pages that you have and making sure that keywords are sprinkled throughout the text in appropriate percentages. All of this is very difficult to master but the basics are easy to learn. If you are designing a website, learning the basics of search engine optimization is a must.

James B Byrd

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