A Leader Is More Then Faking It Till You Make It

A Leader Is More Then Faking It Till You Make It

Leader who fakes it


A Leader is not a pretender. When you are strieving to earn money on the internet, beware of who you attach your wagon. I have been into network marketing for 12 years and you can find evidence that i am a real person. I don’t have to wear sun glasses or a disguise. There are many pretenders in the network marketing industry but let us use your valuable time with some good insight in finding a real leader and not a counterfeit. How do i know that i have found a real leader?

The is a story about an elementary teacher who was using a game to teach her students some facts about state government. She said: “I am a top, elected official in this state and live in a mansion. “Who am I?” “I know teacher, replied little Johnny, “a confused person”. “No Johnny! Why did you give that answer?” “Well teacher,” said Johnny, ” I figure that anyone who doesn’t know who he is, is confused”. One thing to be sure of is that a confused person can only confuse you. Here are some things to consider in a real leader.

A Leader Is A Real Person

Leaders do not have super powers with rare abilities to make anyone into a success. Leaders are flesh and blood and have emotions like everyone else. They work hard to be the best they can be and make others better around them. There is some work we must do. Systems don’t make money online but teams do.

A Leader Is Made Not Born

The idea that a Real leader is born not made has allowed unqualified pretender leaders claim the are leaders. These individuals have never led anyone or any teams, Real leaders show up during severe crisis while pretenders are no where to be found, Leaders can be found without great difficulty. The photos of paypal earnings do not replace lost earnings and pep talks want replace time that is lost forever.

Leaders must be trained and have the experience of having “setbacks” with the associated “bounce backs” to success.Desire does not manifest your dream. Leaders know how to “grind toward goals on a consistent.basis.

A Leader Has A Sense of Urgency

A leader feels a sense of urgency. He/she knows others time and money is at stake. Lives can be change for the better or for the worst.Families can be unified or split. When people come to the internet and try to earn money online it is no joke. It is sometimes a desperate move. Leaders must be in touch with their followers and place themselves. I have not written a post on this blog for a while. Its good to be seen. Here is a plan that if you work it consistently, you can build an residual income.

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