Money- Why You’re Not Earning Any Online

Why You’re Not Making Money Online

The are many advertisements that tells you how easy it is to make money online. All you have to do is pay 7 dollars for and eBook or $10 for a secret plan and in 2 weeks you will be making $2000 per month without breaking a sweat. However, if that was true why are they selling you a $7 tool and why isn’t everyone doing it.

The truth of the matter is there are 3 major things that stand in your way. 1) our mindset, 2) our work ethic and 3) No Leverage.

Making money online requires a positive mindset.

We need to have a positive mindset about making money online. Many people will say they have a positive mindset but it’s not about making money online. The mindset you must have is located in your subconscious mind that you must believe it is true that you can make money online even though you have never physically did it. You can actually pictured your self doing it.

I am a football fan of the Detroit Lions professional football team. The have a player who calls himself “Big Play” Slay(Darius Slay). In other words, when his team needs a BigĀ  play for the win he makes the play. Sure enough as the clock was winding down, the opposing quarter throws the football into his area, he made a play. You have to have a similar mindset about making money online

Making Money Online Requires a great Work Ethic

A great work ethic is needed to be successful online. If ‘t you are not putting out persistent effort to reach your goal, it really wont matter what marketing system or business opportunity that you have without persistent effort to reach your monetary goal you will fail. There are no get rich quick schemes to success.

Leverage Is Needed To Earn Online

There are things you leverage or that assist you to multiply your effort. The things you leverage is time and money. When you are able to use a viral marketing system it leverages others when they join your team as you have a common goal to make money together.

The other leverage you have is money. Using money you can purchase guaranteed advertising to get the traffic you need to generate sales. There is a free viral method that you can use, just click the link below!

Make Money Online

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